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Happy Teddy Day Quotes,Text Messages,Images And Pictures

Happy Teddy Day Quotes,Text Messages,Images And Pictures – I want to share some of the best teddy day quotes for you. Here teddy day quotes,text messages, images and pictures,whatsapp status etc.

Happy Teddy Day Quotes –
1.      You’re In My Thoughts And In My Heart
Wherever I May Go
On Teddy Bear Day I’d Like To Say
I Care More Than You Know
I Wish I Were A Cell In Your Blood,
So I Would Be Sure I Was
Somewhere In Your Heart.
Happy Teddy Bear Day

2.     Whenevr U C LOVE Coming, WELCOME It,
Open Ur Arms,Embrace It & Let It ENTER Into U!
People Will Ask UR U In LOVE?
Jst Say-No,LOVE Is In Me!
Happy Teddy Bear Day

A Bedroom Without A Teddy Is Like A Face Without A Smile.
Happy Teddy Day

4.     Love Can’t Be Described, It’s Meant To Be Felt Through The Way We Care, Wish You A Happy Teddy Day, Hope There Are More Such Days That We Share.

5.     Valentine, Roses And Chocolates, Gifts, Stuffed Toys And More, Time To Celebrate The Special Season, Happy Teddy Day On The Count Of Four!

6.     Are You Missing Me? Are You Feeling Lonely And Gloomy? I Have Something For You, I Just Sent You A Nice Teddy, Happy Teddy Day!

7.     The Cell Phone Has Become The Adult's Transitional Object, Replacing The Toddler's Teddy Bear For Comfort And A Sense Of Belonging.
8.     My Nickname When I Was Young Was Teddy, So People Would Call Me Teddy Bear.
9.     I Love Little Teddy Bears And Little Fluffy Animals. I Buy Them All The Time.
10. The Soft Cuddly Teddy Is There To Show
I Will Always Be There
This You Should Know
Happy Teddy Bear Day
Happy Teddy Day Text Messages -

11.   If U R A Chocolate, Ur The Sweetest,

If U R A Teddy Bear, U R The Most Huggable,

If U R A Star, U R The Brightest,
U R My Friend! U R D Best!Happy Teddy Bear Day

12.  Kuch Ehsason Ke Saye Dil Ko Chu Jate Hain,

Kuch Manzar Dil Mein Utar Jate Hain,

Bejan Gulshan Mein Bhi Phool Khil Jate Hain,
Jab Zindagi Mein Aap Jaise Dost Mil Jate Hain.
Happy Teddy Day

13.  Teddy Bear Ki Terah

Tum Hamesha Hanste Raho

Muskurate Raho, Khelte Raho
Nachte Raho Or Soft Raho
Happy Teddy Day

14. Love Me Love My Teddy Bear

Kiss Me Kiss Me My Teddy Bear

Hug Me Hug Me My Teddy Bear
Happy Teddy Bear Day

15.  To My Cutest Cuddly Wife

Who Is Certainly My Life

This Teddy Bear Is A Sign
That You Will Be Forever Mine.

16. I Always Feel You Within Me,

I Always Love You In My Every Moment,

I Just Want To Hug And Say You,
Happy Teddy Day 2019…….

17.  For You See,

Each Day I Love You More Today

More Than Yesterday And 
Less Than Tomorrow.
Happy Teddy Bear Day 2019………..

18. Sun May Refuse To Shine,

Air May Refuse To Blow,

Water May Refuse To Flow,
But It’s Me My Dear,
Who Never Say You Bye,
And Love You Forever Like A Teddy.
Happy Teddy Day….

19. A Bear Remains A Bear - Even When Most Of Him Has Fallen Off Or Worn Away.
20.                        Bears Need People. People Need Bears.
21.  A Bear Teaches Us That If The Heart Is True, It Doesn't Matter Much If An Ear Drops Off.
 Happy Teddy Day Images And Pictures -

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